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About Our Company

I-Net Systems and Solutions was founded with a vision of providing businesses worldwide with information and technology necessary to succeed on the Internet. The company mandate is to gain industry prominence from both marketing and technological perspectives. This mandate necessitated in I-Net systems and Solutions to have the right people in the Industry with unparalleled track record, whose unwavering commitment to success would ensure the fulfillment of this vision.

I-Net Systems and Solutions Commitment to the Internet Industry

The Internet has been one of the most highly publicized future trends. Every day there are technological advancements and changes taking place where I-Net Systems and Solutions stay’s abreast of them more than competition.

The Future

As the Internet will continue to transform peoples lives the race continues between the telephone, satellite and cable companies, future applications for the Internet become staggering 3-D virtual reality, shopping from home, world wide video teleconferencing, live television and multimedia broadcasting are just some of the applications the internet can and will facilitate.

I-Net Systems and Solutions will be committed to providing Internet solutions to business and individuals through each stage of the development of the Internet. As each new technology emerges so will the opportunities for I-Net Systems and Solutions. The list of products and services that may be provided to individuals and businesses in the future by I-Net Systems and Solutions will not be limited to the imagination. Some of the products that are currently available under development include:

• Unlimited usage of the Internet telephony systems and services
• Worldwide video teleconferencing
• Local and National Internet advertising packages
• Worldwide broadcasting of audio, television and multimedia programming
• Virtual Reality Shopping
• 3-Dimensuional Virtual Imaging
• Live Customer Service Video Interfacing.

Regardless of what product or service is the leading edge in the future, we have built our business into a position to capitalize on it. I-Net Systems and Solutions is not just Internet Business Solutions provider but helps corporate grow worth technological advancements.

Contact Information

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Finance and Administration

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  • Service

    We will always remember that we are a service-oriented company. Each and every customer is valued as a part of who we are today, and who we’ll be tomorrow. We will work to earn our customers’ trust and loyalty. And more than simply responding to customer needs and want, we will work to anticipate them with unquestionable honesty, fairness and respect.

  • Technology

    We believe that research, development, quality and performance are key to our future growth. We have earned, and will continually strive to retain our leadership and innovate by setting standards in this industry. Our dedication to technology is motivated by the desire to provide services and products, which contribute to the growth of our customers.

  • Success

    We will work for the success of our customers, our company, and each other. We understand and respect the value, the contributions, and the achievements of each colleague. We will support personal growth through training, advancements, and new opportunities. We will never be content with who we are, or what we have accomplished.